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My Squeeze (I should be so lucky)
Melody Gardot

Are you a Hi-Fi geek, like me, and love the work of the beautiful and talented Melody Gardot?  If you are, and you're a Facebook member, then I'm sure you'd love to subscribe to my Facebook Group "Melody Gardot's Unofficial Fan Site" [click here].

If you would like to add your voice to the clamour of Melody Gardot's fans wanting to hear her albums in high definition audio (SACD, DVD-Audio or high resolution audio files) please fill in the following information and vote.





Before submitting this petition to Melody's producer & Verve Records, the petition will be checked for duplications, including your IP address, so please do not vote more than once.

Your details will not be sent to anyone other than Melody Gardot, her Producer and Verve Records.  I will ensure that they do not pass to any other person or entity except those required by them to know in order to process the petition.

Stop Press.  I have received the following tweet from Melody:



mgardot melody gardot
@FeiJi_Fancier this was really sweet to see....I dont know much about it, but send along an email to the chateaux and Ill take a look. xx

Naturally, I sent her an email with more details via her website.  Not many successful artists actually engage personally on Twitter, so it's great to see that Melody does look at tweets sent to her.  Many artists simply use Twitter as an advertising tool.


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To see all my videos [click here] or on the navigation button, above.  I have a large number of photographs of aircraft at airshows or even in the wild.  To see them simply click on the navigation button.  Some of these are good enough to use as Desktop Wallpaper.

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Images and videos of Melody Gardot are assumed to be in the public domain.  If they are not then would the copyright owner please contact me via Twitter or Facebook or MSN (Rob Ant or FeiJi_Fancier) to discuss.  Melody has been made aware of my webssite via Twitter and her own Website.